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Aleister Crowley Statue

12" Cast Polymer Bronze Finish

Occultist, poet, chess player, mountain climber, sexual deviant…..all these things Crowley has been called, yet his influence on occultism is still felt today.

We won't tell you what piques our interest in him, but rest assured his decadent lifestyle and standing in the world of magic has garnered him a place in our pantheon of occult figures and collectibles. He stands 12 inches tall and is cast in a sturdy polymer with a classic bronze rub finish standing atop a round base engraved with a Unicursal Hexagram, emblem once adopted for magical use by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn over 100 years ago. He is garbed in his atypical three piece suit, holding a pipe like the English Gentleman he was. Fans of Crowley will note the expression on his face is reminiscent of the legendary "Great Beast 666" portrait that resonates today as the most recognizable image of Crowley himself. This tribute statue will figure prominently in your collection of Crowley ephemera or on your altar. Who knows what you'll conjure up with this amazing statue!
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