Arkham Studios Announcement June 25, 2015

Hi Gang,

I took a break from all social media to finish out what came to be known as "back order mountain" and got all the unfulfilled orders out to some very patient customers as well as some new ones. Many thanks to all those who waited so kindly for their busts and figures of all the occult and Lovecraftian sculptures that I make.

Since 2002, over 1000 of my sculptures have been shipped to England, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Norway, France, the United States and so many other places that it seems hard to acknowledge that my work has reached so many fans and friends across the globe. These are all handmade editions that needed to be molded, cast, sanded, painted, sealed not to mention carefully packed and shipped. It's quite a process that can easily make the business turn into not so much an art studio but a career in order fulfillment.

Gratifying to be sure, but now that all orders have been sent those limited editions are now SOLD OUT. That's it. No more. My heartfelt thanks to those who allowed me the privilege of making art that sells exceptionally well.

The good news is that there will be two more releases this year. The most requested pieces are the remaining busts of the quartet, the Four Crown Princes of Hell, Belial and Leviathan, which I've already started work on. The bad news is that for the first time in years, I have to raise the price as the raw materials that I use to create these busts have gone up considerably, not to mention the cost of business such as shipping those materials to my studio. Things like boxes, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, etc....they all add up.

I also won't be offering any new pieces for sale unless I have all the completed editions ready, so that way there will not be any more lengthy shipping times, but next day shipping. I'll very likely limit all future limited editions of my work to 10 pieces only. My time is much better spent creating new work rather than endless hours of packing up busts and figures and running to the post office every day. My thanks for your understanding.

Also, Arkham Studios will be enjoying a larger social media presence. The website is still

We're now on:

Video Channel:

I'll also have a dedicated website for my blog coming soon.

If for any reason your order has not reached you, feel free to drop us a line at the website address and we'll look up the tracking number for you. If any shipments arrived damaged, just send it back and the statue will be repaired or replaced at no charge. I've always stood by the quality of the work and will continue to do so.

Many gracious fans have sent in photos of their Arkham Studios busts or figures on their shelves among their collections, so if you like, please send in more! We'll be glad to post them on all of our pages and will be posting many in the weeks and months to come.

Although all limited editions have now sold out, I do have a small surplus of artists proofs here and there. Those will go up on ebay and will be announced here first. So, if you missed out on a hard to find piece, you'll see it here first.

Great to see you all again,