Sales Catalog — Edgar A. Poe

Edgar Allan Poe Statue

12" Cast Polymer Bronze Finish

The immortal prose of Edgar Allan Poe has surpassed legend since his untimely death over 150 years ago, but his legacy lives on in this remarkable statuette from Arkham Studios! Quoth the raven... nevermore!

Cast in a solid polymer with a classic bronze buffing, this striking piece is sure to turn heads in your study, library or next to your own Poe collection of books and other memorabilia.

Standing 12 inches tall atop a matte black pine base, the classic image of the tragic poet is embodied for the ages, his eyes filled with sorrow as his hand presses gently against his breast, he seems to be pondering his famous last words "Lord help my poor soul...."

This figure is a limited edition run when they are sold out they will be available... nevermore!

price: $200.00
shipping USA: $25.00
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delivery: Approximately 6-8 weeks