Sales Catalog — Satan Bust

Satan - The Four Crowned Princes Series

12" Cast Polymer Bronze Finish

The Prince of Darkness himself sits atop a classically ornate base amidst swirling smoke and hellfire. His name bears forth on the base for all to see and know his infernal power!

Satan is designed for those that appreciate dark art it's best, namely those Satanists who would allow this figure the honor of placement in their own ritual chambers to usher forth their most coveted and carnal desires.

For this reason, production of Satan will be limited to 25 pieces only, as opposed to the Arkham Studios usual limited editions of 50. Only the most discriminating patrons shall know the pleasure of having the Devil himself in their own home!

Satan is approximately 12 inches tall, solid polymer resin with Arkham Studio's signature faux bronze rub. Each unit will come with a certificate of authenticity.

Enjoy Satan as a stand alone figure, or wait in eager anticipation as you collect the four Crown Princes of Hell! Satan is first in the quartet. Next up will be Lucifer, then Belial and finally Leviathan. Each should be released within a few months of each other and work has already started on Lucifer. Production will be limited to 25 of each Prince of Hell, so it is advisable to get on the waiting list now! Imagine all four of these magnificent sculptures in your ritual chamber!

These are sure to sell out quickly like all of our limited editions, so don't delay in ordering yours today!

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Height: 12 Inches
Finish: Bronze
Edition: 25 Total

Price: $250.00
Shipping USA: $30.00
Shipping World: Email for Details
Delivery: Approx. 6-8 weeks in USA