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Arkham Studios Update January 2013

A happy new year to all my friends!

Here's hoping the new year finds you well and safe with those you love.

Just got back from a short trip to Los Angeles to visit with my friends and one of the high points was, of course, seeing my dear friend Kenneth Anger again. As many of you know, Dr. Anger provided much guidance and reference for the bust of Lucifer over that last several months and I could not have finished it without him.

Here we are at the legendary Musso and Frank's in Hollywood where he very graciously gave me a signed copy of his landmark book "Hollywood Babylon". He's a good friend and I treasure his mentorship dearly.

In other news, I should receive written confirmation in the next week from a public location in Providence, Rhode Island to accept the lifesize bronze bust of HP Lovecraft. It's been an entire year of dealing with many government organizations, but the result will be well worth the effort. More to tell soon!

As always, the "back order pile" is getting smaller and smaller as I work hard to get all the outstanding orders out to each of you. My thank for your undying patience! Again, be sure and become a subscriber on my Youtube channel where I make video updates every few weeks showing sculpting progress or work being done in the workshop. Here's the link:

Also, I make progress posts just about every day on the Arkham Studios facebook page:

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My best to you all for what promises to be a wonderful year!!!

Your pal,


Arkham Studios Update November 2012

Greetings to my dear pals here who follow this periodic blog. I hope as 2012 winds down to a close that it finds you and your families well and happy!

Getting a lot done on this end. Nothing spectacular, just the usual filling of back orders and creating new sculptures and I'm flattered beyond belief that so many of you kind folks express an interest in my work.

Right now I'm working on the second in the long awaited series of the Four Crown Princes of Hell, Lucifer! I'm been very fortunate to have made friends with the legendary Kenneth Anger, noted occult filmmaker and occultist. He's provided much guidance and encouragement in the form of advice and photos of different examples of Lucifer throughout the decades. It's almost done and will be molded and cast shortly for all you wonderful folks to add to your collections.

Be sure and become a subscriber on my Youtube channel where I make video updates every few weeks showing sculpting progress or work being done in the workshop. Here's the link:

Also, I make progress posts just about every day on the Arkham Studios facebook page:

If you happen to be on facebook, please stop by and give us a "like" and catch up with the latest.

In other news, I had a very special visitor out here, my dear pal Coop! He and his lovely gal Stephanie dropped by my digs with their pups and even brought his new book, which he signed. It was my honor to host these fine folks and I treasure their friendship.

In other news, I'm still in talks with the City Of Providence, Rhode Island to accept a life size bronze bust of H.P. Lovecraft. Making it is the easy part, getting someplace to say "Put 'er right there in the corner" is a little harder. Rest assured though, it'll happen and the unveiling will likely be at next years "Necronomi-Con" event in Providence in the latter part of August. Arkham Studios is also a sponsor of this great event to celebrate all things Lovecraft. Here's the event link:

On an aside, I got my first dog since I was kid, a Siberian Husky that I named Lt. Colonel Bill Kilgore. He's getting big very fast and he provides much solid companionship and inspiration when he's not chewing up my shoes! I love him, though and he's a good fella.

So, that's it for now! As usual, orders are going out every week and I spend every waking hour creating new work that I think you'll enjoy.

Until next time, I remain

Your pal Bry

Arkham Studios Update May 2012

Hi gang!

Well, Walpurgisnacht was super out here at Arkham Studios! The day saw the delivery of nearly 40 gallons of casting resin as well as another ten gallons of silicone to create new molds for old and new pieces. The night saw the celebration of another successful year in business despite many ups and downs throughout. I've been creating artwork for you for ten years now under the Arkham Studios banner and it's a privilege I never take lightly and I'm grateful to each and every one of you.

As I mentioned before, I'm taking time off from sculpting new work (during the day, anyway!) to focus solely on fulfilling orders for my very patient patrons. It's a job in itself, but one I'm proud to be able to do. There are no computers involved in what I do in this digital age of Apps and iPads, but real work done by my own two hands right here in my own workshop.

Here's a short little video that I made the other day showing the progress in the workshop and how I make my castings before they're cleaned up and detailed:

Here's another short video taken a few weeks ago in the sculpting area about the next bust in the Crown Princes of Hell series, Lucifer:

Also, if you want the latest in updates of what's happening here at Arkham Studios, please visit us on our facebook page here:

I'd love to see you "friend add" us there and if you would like, please send a picture of your own Arkham Studios bust or figure on your shelf! Many folks do that and it's always an honor to see how you've displayed the work in your own home!

So, that's it for now! The next few months will see me doing a ton or casting, sending out your orders, sculpting Lucifer at night and, a secret project with my dear pal Coop! Yup, THE Coop! Can't tell you what it is yet as we're hammering out the details, but it should prove to be quite the cool item for your collection! Here's a link to Coop's site and know that when you order from him, your support goes straight to the artist himself. Tell him Bry sent ya!

Ever forward!


Arkham Studios Website update March 13, 2012

2012 has turned to be a pretty incredible year so far. The creative well has filled up again and new opportunities have been coming so fast that I'm staggered.

It was a pleasure to work with one of my old art directors from the Upper Deck days on a secret project for Disney. Can't say much about it now, but the work will be out in the summer and I love working with my pals again. I'm a lucky guy to have the respect and confidence of repeat business and I never take that kind of loyalty for granted.

The facebook page has really taken off and if you'd like more up-to-the-minute info, that's the place to go. Be sure and come on over and "like" us there! Here's the link:

In other news, here's a few great shots of my dear friend Diabolus Rex and his gal Carmen. Rex is a moving force in the art and occult world and I've enjoyed his trust and friendship for many years now. You may see a very familiar image of Satan himself on Carmen's arm. That's just about the highest compliment that a guy can receive, to have another person commit your art to their body forever. The praise doesn't come higher than that and I'll always be grateful.

The new C'thulhu sculpture is finally ready! There is a page here where you can order it and I truly appreciate all the encouragement from you, my Arkham Studios pals to make suggestions for the piece and I took them to heart. Attached here are a few shots of how I display them here in my home as bookends for my vast library of original Lovecraft books. In fact, why not take two C'thulhu sculptures and do the same? That little sleeping God will guard your own Lovecraft books quite well!

In other news, I've decided to take the next few months off from creating any new work so that I can concentrate solely on getting out those orders to all of you generous and patient folks! Sometimes I do fall behind more than I'd like to, but that's part of what I do, sculpting, casting, molding and painting my artwork by hand for you to enjoy. It does indeed take time, but, like the postman, I always deliver.

The next update should prove very interesting as I'm currently in talks with the city of Providence, Rhode Island to erect a life size bronze statue of H.P. Lovecraft himself! It's an exercise in patience to be sure and I've met some really cool people who have the same goal, to honor the Old Gent from Providence in a way befitting his station in the pantheon of great literature.

So, until next time, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind comments, your wonderful support and continued good wishes. You folks allow me the privilege of being a working artist in these crazy times and I cannot express my eternal thanks enough.

Your pal, Bry

Arkham Studios Website update Jan. 23 2012

Hi gang! Your ol' pal Bry here!

I'll try and get these updates out to you a lot more, but between sculpting new work, casting that mountain of back orders and being a salesman promoting Arkham Studios, there doesn't seem to be a spare minute at all.

In addition to that, I'm doing some projects for Marvel Studios and Disney/Pixar right now, so the plate is really full these days! I'm not complaining at all and am very glad to see the economy showing traces of turning around for all of us. About time, right?

Before I blather on about the new updates, please come and "like" us on facebook! Most of the really hot news happens there first (and who isn't on facebook these days?) , so be sure and stop on by. Here's the link:!/pages/Arkham-Studios/154436994641281

We're also running a little contest there. The 666th facebook friend will get a free statue from Arkham Studios! Not saying what it is for now, but it's our way of saying thanks for the support there.

Okay, here's the latest. The new sculpture is a design for the Shadow over Innsmouth film. It's a pillar that will go in front of Dagon Hall, much like those lions or gargoyles that you might see flanking the entrance of an old library. You can watch the little video clip here. The video is nothing spectacular, but people seem to like seeing this stuff as it progresses, so I hope you enjoy! I promise to work on not saying "uh" so much in the next video update!

Still casting up that mountain of back orders as usual. It's a long haul and, as always, I cannot thank so many of you for your undying patience for your order. I've delivered hundreds of these figures and busts since we started in 2002, so have faith that your order will get to you! It's been 10 years now? Wow, doesn't seem possible, but I'm still here making art thanks to all of you who allow me the privilege of doing so.

The big news is that I'm in talks with the City of Providence to place a life size statue of H.P. Lovecraft in Providence, Rhode Island. It's been a lesson in patience, writing proposals and making many new friends along the way. At some point soon, once I get a written commitment from the city, we'll begin a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds. There's a place that has been receptive to the query to accept the statue as a public work, but a lot has to be ironed out. Regardless, I'll be sure to keep you posted. It will be a dream come true to give back to Lovecraft and Providence all that the "Old Gent" has given us.

So, that's it for now. Again, my thanks to all of you for all of the amazing support that you've given and I'll see you next time!

Your pal, Bry

Arkham Studios Website update Nov. 3 2011

Well, it's certainly been a while since the last blog entry, but things have finally settled down on the home front enough where I can sit down and hammer out a few words about what I've been up to these past several months.

For starters, I finally have my own workshop again and send my sincerest thanks to dear friends Sean Branney and Andrew Leman of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society for the kind use of their own magical workshop in the heart of Noirsville. When I moved back to Los Angeles, these solid pals allowed me to use their space to cast and mold my figures and busts. You couldn't ask for better friends and I advise all fans of Lovecraft to seek out their amazing work at as they create swell Lovecraftian unholiness, namely in the awesome films "Call of C'thulhu" and the new "The Whisperer in Darkness". They really raise the bar in every way.

Next, yours truly is featured in a very nice profile in Old Nick magazine that focuses on my art, women, politics and everything in between. You can preview the issue at:

Be advised that Old Nick is a girly magazine and may not be safe for work. Read it for the articles, haha! My thanks to good friend Bob Johnson for the ink and to my buddy Paul Smalley for the wonderful photo shoot. Also, get the mag for the great articles on my friends Coop and Jimmy Vargas, too!

I'm starting a new page here as well. If you would like to send in a picture of Arkham Studios work in your home, I'd be honored to see it and post it with your permission. I'm kicking off the page with my old pals Jeffrey Combs and Stuart Gordon as they very graciously brought my Edgar Allan Poe statue down to the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles where they are currently playing "Nevermore" an amazing one man show about Edgar Allan Poe. I've know Jeff and Stu for over twenty years and they're the tops!

Speaking of pages, Arkham Studios now has a facebook page! I usually update that page a lot more often than the website, so if you'd like to stop by and "friend" us there, we'd love to have you! There are lots of in progress shots of the newest work as well as a few behind the scenes shots of my son and I casting and molding away in the shop. Here's the link:!/pages/Arkham-Studios/154436994641281

The new sculpture is finally done, too! For all you Lovecraft fans, the legendary Mad Arab himself, Abdul al Hazred is completed! You'll find a page here to order the Yemeni poet himself as he conjures up unspeakable horrors! Thanks also go out to the great Andrew Leman as he created the awesome nameplate in the Schreibweise font!

Lastly, but not least, the back orders! If you have an outstanding back order, IT WILL GET TO YOU!!!! I had a few personal setbacks for a while and have really pushed the limits of a few customers endless patience. Rest assured that your order will get there along with everyone else's. For the most part, everyone has been great at waiting so patiently for their statue to arrive and a few have not. I ALWAYS respond to polite inquiries. I do not respond to emails that aren't so civil, nor do I respond to internet trolls about the issue. We all own everything we do in life and I'm a big believer in the old edict of "Responsibility to the Responsible". So, sit tight and your figure WILL arrive! I don't have a factory in China cranking this stuff out for me, I do it all myself in a small workshop where I pay close attention to every detail to ensure you get the best art that I can give. If you've moved since you placed your order, please email me with your current address and I'll be glad to make a note of it if I haven't already shipped your order. I'll likely start sending the orders with a shipping confirmation as some international orders have apparently not made it to their destination.

Also, after keeping a PO Box since 2006, I've decided to not renew it at the Post Office, reason being is that very few people choose to send in an order the old fashioned way anymore. Most folks like using Paypal, so that's how I'll accept orders from now on, solely through Paypal. My thanks for your understanding.

Until next time, I remain

Your pal Bry